Creating unique costumes ideal to the needs of each director and production, for thirteen years Hayley has worked as a costume designer for film and more.

Originally from Australia, Hayley has been Based in the UK since 2005. To date, she has worked in Australia, England, Wales, Italy, Hungary, Scotland, France, northern Ireland, Greece and Brazil.

Hayley grew up in Tasmania with an early interest in period costume history and science fiction, both influencing her heavily. With strong costume cutting and making skills, many of the productions she designs have a high percentage of costumes custom made for purpose. .

Hayley often uses a process called 'hybrid design' to blend her love of rich historical costume with contemporary design and other contrasting aesthetics. Colour remains a central focus of Hayley's work, balance through asymmetry and the use of hard curves also define Hayley's more stylized work.

With strong experience in both period costume and contemporary, Hayley continues to work on varied projects, with a strong emphasis on new creative design for the future while reflecting the richness of the past.

Images and Footage of past work can be seen in project galleries, the 2014 Showreel (above) or in the 2012 Showreel.


2012-13 Artist in Residence -Costume Design for Film

In association with the exhibition 'Hollywood Costume', I was invited to complete a 6 month residency working in studios at the prestigious museum, researching from the collections and developing ideas and methods relating to Hybrid Design.

Initiating 'The Hybrid Project', workshops & research fed into an ambitious film, called AIR.



I am very proud to have Produced This 23 minute, science-fiction short film with director Emma Maclennan. the fantastic films sets by Production designer Richard Selway were built within the galleries of the V&A, parts also shot on location in Scotland. Starring Antonia Thomas, Tom Riley and David Schofield, I am very proud of the completed film.More information is available here.


Tempo festival

2013 Costume Design Residency, Tempo Festival, Brazil

In november 2013, I participated in a short residency in Rio de Janeiro, collaborating with local designers on a performance piece of creations made from recycled materials.




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