Hayley Nebauer - Costume Designer



Jewels (TV - Series 1)

18th – 19th Century Drama

As Assistant Designer to Costume Designers: Lyn Paolo and Laura Frecon

Producers: Shonda Rhimes, Anna O’Malley

Shondaland/ Netflix


Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher (2021)

Georgian/Regency Period Drama (1788-1805)

Director: Daniel Graham

Producers: Matthew Chausse, Matt Hookings

Cast: Russel Crowe, Ray Winstone, Jodhi May, Marton Csokas, Julian Glover, Steven Berkoff, Lucy Martin, Matt Hookings.


A Discovery of Witches  (TV - Series 2)

Elizabethan Period/ Contemporary

Crowd Costume Supervisor – for the two 16th C period episodes

Costume Designer: Sarah Arthur


McDonald & Dodds (TV - Series 1 - 2 x 2 hours)

Contemporary Drama

Directors: Richard Senior, Laura Scrivano

Producer: Amy Thurgood - Exec. Producers: Damien Timmer, Preethi Patel

Mammoth Screen/ ITV Drama


The Capture (TV - Series 1- 6 x 1 hour)

Contemporary Drama

Director: Ben Chanan

Producer: Derek Ritchie

Exec. Producers: David Heyman, Rosie Alison

Heyday Films/ NBC Universal


Close (Feature Film, 2017)

Contemporary Action/ Drama

Director: Vicky Jewson

Producer: Rupert Whittaker

Cast: Noomi Rapace, Sophie Nelisse, Indira Varma, Eoin Macken


Doctor Who (Xmas 2017, Series 10, Xmas 2017 – 14 x 1 hours)

Historical & Contemporary Sci-Fi/ Drama

Directors: Rachel Talalay, Edward Bazalgette, Lawrence Gough, Bill Andreson, Charlie Palmer

Daniel Nettheim, Wayne Yip. Producers: Pete Bennett, Nikki Wilson

Exec. Producers: Steven Moffat, Brian Minchin                           



The Musketeers (Series 3 – 10 x 1 hour, 2015)

17th Century period-drama        

Directors: Andy Hayes, Roger Goldby, Nick Renton, Susan Tully, Udayan Prasad 

Producer: Matthew Bird

Exec. Producers: Jessica Pope, Simon Allen, Simon J. Ashford

BBC One/ BBC America/ BBC Drama


Cyber Bully (TV Movie, 2014)

Contemporary Drama

Director: Ben Chanan

Producer: Leah Cooper         

RAW TV for Channel 4 (UK)


Take Down (Feature Film, 2014)        

Contemporary Thriller/ Drama

Director: Jim Gillespie 

Producer: Sarah Black, Ed Elbert

Pinewood Films (UK)

Cast: Sebastian Koch, Jeremy Sumpter, Phoebe Tonkin, Ed Westwick


Our World War (TV Mini series, 2 x 1 hours, 2014)

1914-1918 WW1 Drama  

Directors: Bruce Goodison, Ben Chanan        

Producer: Susan Horth



Still Waters (Feature Film, 2013)

Contemporary Crime Drama        

Director: Ray Burdis

Producer: Mike Loveday

Carnaby Films (UK)

Cast: Margo Stilley, John Hannah, Jenn Murray and Karel Roden.


All Things to All Men (Feature Film, 2011)

Contemporary Thriller 

Director: George Isaac

Producer: Pierre Mascolo                                       

Cipher Films (UK)

Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Toby Stephens, Rufus Sewell, David Schofiel


The Wee Man (Feature Film, 2011)

1970s-80s Crime Drama

Director: Ray Burdis

Producer: Mike Loveday

Carnaby Films (UK)

Cast: John Hannah, Stephen McCole, Martin Compston, Patrick Bergin

*2013 BAFTA Scotland Audience Choice Award for Best Film


Outside Bet (Feature Film, 2010)

1970s-80s Drama          

Director: Sacha Bennett                                      

Producers: Terry Stone, Jane Hooks

Gateway Films (UK)     

Cast: Bob Hoskins, Jenny Agutter, Rita Tashingham, Callum Mcnab, Phil Davis.


A Lonely Place to Die (Feature Film, 2010)

Drama/ Action             

Director: Julian Gilbey

Producers: Mike Loveday

Carnaby Films/ Eigerwand Media

Cast: Melissa George, Ed Speelers, Karel Roden, Kate Magowan.         


Bonded by Blood (Feature Film, 2009)

1990s Drama                

Director: Sacha Bennett

Producer: Terry Stone

Gateway Films

Cast: Tamer Hassan, Kiersten Waring, Vincent Regan, Adam Deacon.         


Magic Boys (Feature Film, 2009)

Contemporary Drama

Director: Robert Koltai

Producer: Gabor P. Koltai

Euro Co 2010/ Sirokh Fenn (Hungary)        

Cast: Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Tamer Hassan, Jamelia.


Diary of a Jihadi (TV movie, 2009)

Contemporary War Drama 

Director: Justin Wickham

Producer: Stef Wickham

Independent Image (London, UK)


Doghouse (Feature Film, 2008)

Contemporary Comedy /Horror

Director: Jake West

Producer: Mike Loveday

Carnaby Intl/ SONY pictures (UK)

Cast: Danny Dyer, Stephen Graham, Billy Murray, Noel Clarke


Caught in the Act (Feature Film, 2007)

Contemporary Comedy        

Director: Matt Lipsey

Producer: Mike Loveday                                       

Carnaby Films (Cardiff, Wales)

Cast: Freddie Jones, Ralph Brown, Maureen Lipman.


Rise of the Footsoldier (Feature Film, 2006)

Period Crime Drama 70s/80s         

Director: Julian Gilbey

Producer: Mike Loveday

Carnaby Films (London, UK)

Cast: Frank Harper, Rikki Harnett, Craig Fairbrass, Billy Murray


Dolphins (Feature Film, 2006)

Contemporary Drama

Director: Mark Jay

Producers: Christopher Figg, Trudy Sargent

Carnaby Films (London, UK

Cast: Frank Harper, Karl Davies                                       


Gnaw (Feature Film, 2006)

Director: Greg Mandry 

Producers: Rob Weston, Simon Sharp 

Straightwire Films (London, UK)





ABCs of Death – C (7 mins)        

Director: Julian Gilbey

Contemporary/ Horror  

Producer: Matthew Hobbs

Magnet Releasing (US)


The Call Up (6 mins) - (Feature Promo)

Military/ Science Fiction  

Director: Charles Barker

Producer: Matt Wilkinson

Stigma Films (UK)


AIR (23 mins)

Futuristic/ Dystopian

Director: Emma E. Maclennan

Producers: Hayley Nebauer & Emma Maclennan

Cast: Antonia Thomas, Tom Riley, David Schofield



Big Maggie


Director: Lucy Newman-Williams

Producer: Tom Lancaster

Reel Motion Films (UK)


Lothario’s Luck               

Edwardian 1903

Director: Lucy Newman-Williams

Producer: Tom Lancaster

Reel Motion Films (UK)


Avenue to Nowhere (18 mins, 35mm B&W)

1960s France/ Drama   

Director: Jacob Migicovsky

Producer: Graham Sylvester        


Sony F65 Inspiration

Contemporary/ 1920s/ 1960s        

Director: Peter Farrer

Producers: Steve Milne, James Bennett

Televisual (Cumbria, UK)




Contemporary Drama

Directors: The Brothers Lynch

Producers: Simon Thomas & Ed Barratt



Waiting for a Stranger

1950s Drama                  

Director: Jacob Migicovsky

Producer: Graham Sylvester

Lucid Film Prod’s (London)       



Father’s Day

Contemporary Drama  

Director: Will Gilbey

Producer: Toby Richards          

Hanover Films (London, UK)



Swinging with the Finkels

Contemporary Drama  

Director: Jonathan Newman

Producer: Gareth Evans

ASD Lionheart (London, UK)



Imagining Ithaka

Contemporary Drama - (Feature Promo)        

Director: Nicholas Dimitropoulos

Producer: Sam Parsons

Nomadic Films (Athens, Greece)



Where Love Reigns – 17 mins (Feature Promo)

Edwardian Drama/Fantasy        

Director: David Ness

Cinematographer: Jack Cardiff

Producers: Martin F. Katz, Rob Weston, Chee Keong Cheung, Tim Hampton         

Exec. Producer: Martin Scorsese



The Paper Wall (Feature Promo)

Victorian Drama/Thriller (incomplete) 

Director: Kim Gelvin Melville

KG Shine Productions (Melb. Aust.)        





Costume Supervisor:

A Discovery of Witches  (Series 2 - Crowd Costume Supervisor - Block 5 Elizabethan crowd) Designer: Sarah Arthur

The Reeds (re-shoots) Designer: Jacqueline Mills


Assistant Costume Designer:

 Jewels  (working title) Georgian/ regency Period Drama TV series for NETFLIX

Re-uniting the Rubins Contemporary Drama, Designer: Alan Flyng


Costume Cutter:

 Dracula Untold 16th C/Stylized, Designer: Ngila Dickson


Costume Standby:

Ghost Rider (Crowd Standby, Designer: Lizzy Gardiner

Austenland (daily) Designer: Annie Hardinge

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (daily) 1970s, Designer: Jacqueline Durran


Costume maker:

Cinderella (daily) Fantasy, Designer: Sandy Powell                              

Thor: The Dark World (daily) Fantasy, Designer: Wendy Partridge 

The Fast & The Furious 6 (daily) Designer: Sanja Milkovic

The Invisible Woman 1850s mid-Victorian, Designer: Michael O’Connor 

Dark Shadows 18th C/ 1970s, Designer: Colleen Atwood            

Jack the Giant Killer (daily) Fantasy, Designer: Joanna Johnston           

Elizabeth: The Golden Age (daily)16th C, Designer: Alexandra Byrne 

Munich (Costume Maker: 1970s, Designer: Joanna Johnston

Mary Bryant 1786  Australian Colonial Drama, Designer: Louise Wakefield




Wizard of Oz (2010)

Fantasy stage show       

New World Productions (UK)


Jack & the Beanstalk (2008)        

Fantasy - Director: Guy Pascall - Producer: Gary Telfer

New World Productions (Kent, UK)


12th Night (2008)             

Hybrid Elizabethan/ Japanese - Director: Lucy Kerbel - Producer: Liam Evans-Ford

Sprite Productions (Yorkshire, UK)                                          


Much Ado About Nothing (2007)        

Edwardian - Director: Lucy Kerbel - Producer: Liam Evans-Ford             

Sprite Productions (Yorkshire, UK)


Romeo and Juliet (2006)        

Hybrid Elizabethan - Director: Lucy Kerbel - Producer: Liam Evans-Ford        

Sprite Productions (Yorkshire, UK)


 UJ-1 (Atlantis segment) (2003)        

Multimedia Musical/ Fantasy

Creative Director:  Phillip Vidal  - Exec. Producer: Benoit Spriet - Chief Prod. Designer: Michael Curry                 

Dimensions 6 / Swish Multimedia Group (Status: Production Incomplete)





2012-13 - Artist in Residence - Costume Design for Film

I was chosen as ‘Artist in residence’ for the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum of London for 2012-13. The residency began August then ran until March 2013. During this time, I was working from studios within the museum, researching and working on ‘Hybrid design’ processes with the goal of creating new costume design aesthetics, drawing from the collections at the V&A. The design process I mostly work in, ‘Hybrid design’ can be used for many periods and genres, although it is often most suited to heavily stylized films, especially Science-Fiction and Fantasy genre design. During this time, I also ran numerous workshops and research sessions leading to the final project, the science-fiction, 25-minute short film AIR, which I additionally produced. The film itself was complete and screened as official selection in a number of prestigious film festivals worldwide, winning some awards.


2013 -Tempo Festival - Costume Design Residency - Rio de Janeiro

As part of the ‘Occupation Gamboa’ collaboration, in November 2013 I completed a design project in Rio de Janiero, as Artist in Residence to Tempo Festival